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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

Call Cords

Classic Call Cords

Our classic call cords are designed for areas that don’t require pillow speakers. Manufactured in-house, these cords are rigorously tested to assure that they meet the highest standards. We offer a variety of wiring and plug styles to meet your facility’s requirements.

  • Large contoured button is easy for patients to operate
  • Switch provides tactile feedback and an audible click
  • Custom cable lengths available
  • Safe for use in oxygen environments

For patients with limited or no hand dexterity, we also offer Specialty Call Cords including breath activated models.

Gen4 Sealed Call Cord

Taking market demands and customer suggestions into account, Curbell has used state-of-the-art technology to redefine the call cord. The Gen4 Sealed Call Cord brings the call cord into the 21st century, with its comfortable design, and industry-leading infection control and safety features.

Infection Control

  • Proprietary sealed design keeps infectious contaminants out of the pendant
  • Smooth shape allows for easy, comprehensive cleaning, and reduces the potential for cross-contamination

Patient Satisfaction

  • Modern, comfortable, ergonomic design fits naturally in the hand
  • Large button is easy for patients to locate and operate
  • Call assurance LEDs available for supporting systems

UL Listed and Oxygen Safe

  • UL Listing involves testing with the nurse call system to verify for safe use in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere