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The Zephyr Breath-Activated Call Device is ideal for patients with limited manual dexterity, such as paraplegics, quadriplegics, and immobilized patients. It’s available in a choice of single configuration (sip or puff), or dual configuration (sip and puff), and plugs into the nurse call patient station, adaptor, or Curbell AC20.

  • Gooseneck can be adjusted to almost any position
  • Disposable switch-and-tube assembly ensures maximum infection control 
  • 10 foot cable
  • UL1069 listing ensures nurse call compatibility, safety, and durability
  • Multi-surface adjustable clamp fits the bed side rail or headboard, IV pole, or wheelchair. Watch how it installs here:


  • Sip (single function): switch closure occurs when sipping (pulling air) from the tube
  • Puff (single function): switch closure occurs when blowing air into the tube 
  • Sip/puff (dual function): two switch closures activated — one for each of the above actions 
  • Available individually, and in two- and five-packs



  • 1/4″ (normally-open, momentary): Nurse call patient stations (latching), adaptors, Curbell AC20
  • 8-pin DIN: Rauland patient stations


Sip-and-puff and other breath devices on the market are intended for single-patient use, and are to be discarded in whole, as contaminants can linger in the tubes and switch mechanisms. The Zephyr system is designed for maximum infection control while also helping to control costs. It is comprised of two parts:

  • The reusable base (gooseneck, clamp, and cables) is easily cleaned between patients.
  • The disposable switch assembly is changed between patients. This eliminates all parts that can come in contact with a patient’s breath, and contaminants that would be potentially passed to other patients. 

Just slide and click the switch and hose assembly into place between patients
See how it works here:

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