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All Curbell monitors feature a clip on the rear of the monitor that allows them to be mounted onto a wheel chair, or onto any of the optional mounting brackets listed below.

The clip slides easily into the bed mounting bracket (pictured above), Magnetic Mounting Bracket, or Wall Mounting Bracket, so you can mount the monitor virtually anywhere.

A Velcro loop is also supplied with every monitor. Just slip the loop through the bracket and hang the monitor on a wheelchair or bed rail.

Bed Mounting BracketAdjustable to fit 7/8" to 2 5/8" width headboards and footboards,
for use with BC100, BC201, BC400, and PM100
Magnetic Mounting BracketMounts to standard metal door jambs,
for use with BC100, BC201, BC400, and PM100
Wall Mounting BracketMounts to the wall with screws or Velcro strips,
for use with BC100, BC201, BC400, and PM100
Stretcher Mounting BracketMounts any Curbell fall management monitor onto a stretcher.CSM-SMB
BC500 Monitor
Wall Mounting Bracket
Mounts the BC500 to the wall next to the nurse call patient stationCSM-500WMB