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The Gen4 Sealed Handheld Pendant brings the nurse call pendant into the 21st century, with its comfortable design,and industry-leading infection control and safety features.

  • Proprietary sealed design (to IP67) keeps infectious contaminants out of the pendant
  • Smooth shape and minimal crevices allow for easy, comprehensive cleaning, and reduce the potential for cross-contamination
  • Modern, lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic design fits naturally in the hand
  • Large Nurse button is easy for patients to locate and operate
  • Call assurance LEDs available for supporting systems
  • Customizable auxiliary buttons
  • UL Listing involves testing with the nurse call system to verify for safe use in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere


Curbell’s handheld nurse call pendants are perfect for areas where a speaker isn’t necessary, such as areas with swing-arm televisions, or emergency rooms and intensive care units that don’t have televisions.

  • Large, colorful buttons are easy for patients to operate
  • Overlay and switches can be tailored to your hospital’s needs
  • Can support up to four auxiliary functions
  • Safe for use in oxygen environments
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) resistant design
  • Self-extinguishing case material
  • Repairable

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