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Although call cords may be the simplest type of nurse call device, they may be too small for patients with limited hand dexterity; and if patients aren’t sure they pressed the call button, they won’t know if they called the nurse. Curbell Medical’s new call cord addresses these issues.

When designing this call cord, we wanted to make a difference, not just another inexpensive call cord. We partnered with Daedalus, a leader in human factor design, and utilized their expertise in human factors and industrial design to help address issues with call cords and enhance their usability.

Utilizing Curbell’s research and drawing inspiration from established medical device ergonomic guidelines like ANSI/AAMI HE75:2009, the team at Daedalus crafted a comprehensive guidance document. This document outlined recommendations for tactile, audible, and visual feedback, ensuring that all patients, including older adults, would have a seamless interaction with the device.

The collaborative efforts between Curbell Medical and Daedalus resulted in a cost-effective, UL 1069-listed call cord that not only addresses the challenges posed by traditional devices but also significantly improves the overall patient experience.

Incorporating human factors guidance, the resulting call cord design features a call button that emits both an audible click and tactile feedback upon being pressed to assure patients that their call has been successfully initiated. The call cord’s shape and design, informed by human factors principles, fits naturally within the grasp of a patient’s hand, including those with weak hand strength. A raised lip was incorporated to prevent slipping, making it an ideal solution for the elderly.


  • Audible and tactile call button
  • Raised lip to help prevent device from slipping out of a patient’s hand
  • UL 1069 listed
  • Designed and manufactured under our ISO 13485:2016-compliant quality system in a cGMP Compliant Facility

Numerous designs and prototypes were evaluated by people of all ages and sizes, with special attention paid to simple, but very important details like weight, and the feel of the shape in the hand.

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1/4"Universal10 ft.CCE-0000-A0027555
1/4"Universal12 ft.CCE-0000-C0027556

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