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Many individuals with limited dexterity experience difficulty using traditional devices to call the nurse, control the television, or adjust lighting. 

Working closely with a team at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, and inspired by their First Hope technology, we designed the Assistive Control Adaptor. The Assistive Control Adaptor is a medical device per the FDA and meets all compliance requirements including UL 1069. It gives patients lacking hand control the ability to use sip-and-puff devices, button switches, or other types of sensors to call the nurse, control the TV, adjust lighting, and even open shades and drapes.*

Each device is configured individually for the patient and the type of switch that will be used, giving the patient the ability to navigate through menus and select options.

With the Assistive Control Adaptor, what previously required a visit from hospital staff can now be performed independently by the patient.

 “The device provides a first sense of hope for many individuals that despite having experienced a catastrophic injury or illness, they will be able to have some form of control over their future and have some capacity to meaningfully communicate needs.”

Judith M. Burnfield, PhD, PT
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals
Director, Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering
Director, Movement and Neurosciences Center
Clifton Chair in Physical Therapy and Movement Science




After suffering a spinal cord injury, Donna is learning to navigate life with limited mobility.
Using a sip/puff mechanism to navigate the AC20, Wesley can control his hospital room TV and lights independently.


The Display Module mounts within view of the patient and provides access to nurse call, TV controls, and room controls*.

  • The 4.3″ LCD screen displays a menu that can be configured by your staff through which the patient selects various nurse call, entertainment, and room options
  • Contains the speaker, headphone jack, and microphone used for communications with the nursing staff, as well as for entertainment audio
  • Plugs into the Base Module, which supplies its power and connection to room devices and systems

* The ability to control room features such as lights and shades is dependent on the existing capabilities your nurse call system.


The Base Module mounts on the head wall and provides control signals to the nurse call system and other hospital and entertainment systems.

  • Powered by the included power supply
  • Breath-actuated devices or other specialty call cords are connected to the two 1/4″ jacks and two 1/8″ jacks
  • Buttons allow the caregiver to operate the system
A wide variety of input devices can be used, including these specialty call cords from Curbell.
Settings like Auto Scroll Behavior set the device to operate in a way that’s easiest for the patient, depending on the patient’s abilities and what type of input device is being used.
Settings like Color Theme, Display Brightness, and Language let you further customize the device for each patient
Once the AC20 is configured for the patient, they can use their input device to navigate through menu selections. Shown here are screens that the patient will see when calling the nurse, and controlling lights and the television.
For safety and security, the “Call the Nurse” option is present on every screen. Once the call is initiated, the patient has the option to cancel the call.
If the lights are connected to the nurse call system, the patient can turn lights on and off.
The system can be configured to allow entry of a specific channel, saving the patient from having to cycle through all available channels to get to the one they want.
The Display Module can be mounted to the bed rail or pole using the display mount available from Curbell, or with a mount of the customer’s choosing.
For easy movement from room to room, both the display module and base module can be mounted to an IV pole with an optional mounting plate.
The Base Module can be mounted to the head wall using an adaptor from Curbell.
DimensionsDisplay Module: 5.25” x 4.5" x 1.25" (L x W x H)
Base Module: 4.75" x 4.5" x 1.75” (L x W x H)
MountingDisplay Module: Bed rail or pole mount with AMPS mounting adaptor
Screen DimensionsBase Module: Wall-mount or pole mount with AMPS mounting adaptor
Screen Resolution4.3" diagonal with Corning® Gorilla® Glass
480 x 272
Backlight TypeLED
Speakers1 Watt maximum (capped at 80dB @ 10cm +/- 5dB)
Headphone1/8" stereo headphone socket on Display Module
Base Module ConnectivityNurse Call System Interface cable (determined by nurse call system)
Two 1/4" sockets for breath-activated or other call cord devices. Compatible to momentary, normally open, dry contact devices
Two 1/8" sockets for breath-activated or other call cord devices. Compatible to momentary, normally open, dry contact devices
Base Module Power Supply12V External (Included)

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