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The CAPTURE Falls Project is a little-known initiative of the University of Nebraska Medical Center that aims to reduce inpatient falls through a culture of safety and proactive teamwork. This interprofessional initiative was started in 2012 and established an interdisciplinary research team from four organizations, including UNMC, University of Nebraska Omaha Center for Collaboration Science, Nebraska Medicine, and Methodist Hospital.

Their program focuses on critical access hospitals and involves an interprofessional approach to fall prevention. One of their most significant achievements was the development of the “8 Rights of Fall Risk Reduction,” which emphasizes that fall reduction programs must involve three interdisciplinary teams: the core direct care clinical team, a contingency team, and a coordinating or oversight team. These “rights” include things like making the “right assessment” and providing the “right education.”

The CAPTURE Falls Project has many educational resources, including mobility training videos, fall risk reduction team tools, post-fall huddle tools, nursing assessment and patient education tools, and more. These resources are available on their website, and they encourage clinicians to integrate their video training programs into nursing safe mobility and fall prevention education programs.

By following these eight “rights,” healthcare providers can reduce the risk of patient falls and improve patient safety in healthcare settings. To learn more, see this article by Patricia A. Quigley, PhD, APRN, CRRN, FAAN, FAANP, FARN