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Falls can be a serious risk for patients in a hospital or long-term care facility, and with patients spending much of their time unattended in their rooms, the chances of a fall are even higher. Thankfully, there are many products available that can help warn staff of a potential fall, giving them time to intervene and prevent an injury.

The patient’s bed is the most common spot for monitoring. A sensor pad can be placed underneath the sheets, and when the patient moves and pressure is released from the pad, an alarm is triggered in a connected monitor. This can alert staff to the potential of a fall before it happens.

But there are several other locations within a room that can be monitored to help protect your patients by providing your staff with an early indication of a potential fall. For example:

Many patients spend some of their time sitting upright in chairs, either as part of their recovery, or out of preference. A smaller version of the sensor pad used on beds can be used on chairs.

The same sensor pad used in a  room chair can be used in a wheelchair. Alternatively, there are monitors that connect to the chair but do not use a pad. A string is clipped to the patient’s clothing so that when they attempt to get up from the wheelchair, the string is pulled, which triggers an alarm.

The Floor:
Sensor mats can be placed on the floor next to a bed to alert staff when a patient exits the bed and places their foot on the floor mat. These mats can also be used near doorways to inform staff when a patient has left a room.

The Bathroom:
Motion sensors can be used to monitor when someone unassisted enters or exits a bathroom, a common place for falls. They can also be set up above a toilet so that staff is alerted when a patient stands up, providing them privacy when they are in the bathroom, but assistance when they are done.

Doors and windows:
Making sure that patients stay inside your facility where they can be monitored is another way to help prevent falls. Sensors can be placed on doors or windows to alert staff when they’ve been opened.

At Curbell Medical, we offer many simple fall management solutions for all of these situations, from bed sensor pads to chair and floor mats, motion sensors, and door and window alarms. Many fall management solutions can also be integrated with your existing nurse call system. By investing in fall prevention products, you can help ensure the safety and well-being of your patients, reduce the risk of injuries and lawsuits, and provide peace of mind for their loved ones.

If you’re interested in learning more about our fall management solutions or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.