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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

LVC-2000-004 Bi-Directional Dimming Low Voltage Light Controller

LVC-2000-004 Universal Patient Room Dimming Low Voltage Controller allows patients and staff to safely operate the high-voltage circuits found in hospital patient rooms, like lights, electric doors, and drapes with their pillow speaker or bed communication side rail. Unlike other Low Voltage Controllers, the LVC-2000-004 allows for the dimming of two lights in the patient room (a unique feature for the industry) via a 0-10VDC protocol. And while most other low voltage controllers only allow control of one or two loads, the LVC-2000-004 can control up to three loads.
The LVC-2001-004 is designed for applications inside lighting fixtures and offers universal voltage compatibility (100-277 V AC). It’s also ROHS compliant, UL listed to UL 508, and Compliant with FCC, Title 47 CFR 15 – Class B. Curbell backs the LVC-2000-004 with an industry-leading three-year warranty.

  • For use with LED lights
  • The LVC can control can control lights with multiple modes of operation:
  1. Three loads independently
  2. Two loads sequentially and a third load independently
  3. One load independently with 0-10V dimming control and second and third load independently
  4. Two loads independently with 0-10V dimming control and a third load independently
  • Bi-directional dimming:
    • Quick press and release on at 25%
    • Press and hold dims 25% to 100%
    • Release and press dims 100% to 10%
    • Release and press to change dimming direction between 10% and 100%
    • Quick press and release off
  • True universal voltage (120 to 277 VAC)
  • Safe for use near medical equipment that is sensitive to electromagnetic noise
  • Can be used to operate high-voltage circuits such as lights, electric doors, and drapes
  • Can be controlled from a pillow speaker, bed side rail, or wall switch with normally-open momentary dry contacts
  • Industry-leading three year warranty
  • Patent Pending
Input voltage 120-277 VAC, 60 Hz
277 VAC, 5 A, General Use
277 VAC, 5 A, Ballast
RMS current should not exceed 5 amps per load
Load Type 277 VAC, 5 A, General Use per Load
277 VAC, 5 A, Ballast per Load
Maximum total device current: 10 A
Output Voltage 120-277 VAC, 60 Hz 
Output Devices Three 30 Amp relays driven by low voltage microcontroller, ESD protected
Dimming Control 0-10V (current sourcing), bi-directional with quick on/off
Low Voltage Momentary Switch Requirements Dry contacts, momentary, normally open, capable of switching 5 VDC @ 0.5 mA
Lamp No restrictions
Switching circuits operation voltage 5 VDC at 0.5 mA
Power Supply Classification UL listed switch mode power supply
Operating Temp. Range 50º to 176º F (10º to 80º C)
External Wires • White/Black: 12-16 AWG, solid or coarse stranded
• Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green: 12-18 AWG, solid or coarse stranded
• All other wires: 12-24 AWG, solid or coarse stranded
• For use with 75º C Copper Wire ONLY, insulation stripped back 5/16"
• Ensure that wire used exceeds corresponding voltage ratings
Mounting Mounts next to a lighting ballast in lighting applications or remotely in a five-gang masonry box
Housing .032" Galvanized Zinc-Plated Steel
Dimensions 9" with tabs (L) x 1.90" (W) x 1.10" (H)
Warranty Three years
Regulatory Listings and Compliance • UL/C-UL Listed to UL 508;
• Compliant with FCC, Title 47 CFR 15 – Class B;
• RoHS compliant