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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

Wander Management System

The Curbell Medical Wander Management System is a low cost addition to your safety program that helps prevent patients from wandering off the premises. Using the system is simple. Mount the door strip sensor next to the door, and plug it into an AC outlet. Mount the reset button on a wall within 15 feet of the door strip sensor. Place a wristband sensor on the wrist of any patient you wish to monitor. If the patient walks within the detection radius, the door strip sensor will sound and alarm, and LEDs on the front of it will flash until the reset buton is pressed.

The WM-KIT1 Wander Management Kit includes the door strip sensor and magnetic door contact, one reset button, one magnetic programming key fob, and two wristband transmitters. Additional components may be ordered separately, allowing for customization to fit your facility’s needs. All parts are covered under a one year warranty.



  • Detection range may be adjusted to as far as 26' from the door sensor
  • The included magnetic door contact can be used so that the alarm sounds only when a wristband transmitter is within range and the door is opened
  • Adjustable volume
  • AC Power: Class 2 AC Adaptor (Output DC 12V 300 mA)
  • Frequency: 433.92 mHz
  • 32.56" L x 1.43" W x .75" D