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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

BC400 Cordless Advanced LCD Bed and Chair Monitor

When used with cordless sensor pads, the BC400 Cordless Advanced LCD Bed and Chair Monitor eliminates cord tripping hazards, as well as cord damage – the primary cause of false and failed alarms, and pad replacement costs. With its easy-to-read LCD screen, dedicated function buttons and cordless capabilities, it’s the ideal choice when you need a monitor flexible enough for any resident in any situation.

  • Dedicated buttons for reset, volume, delay and tone controls
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen shows current settings, alarm status and pad life
  • Alarm, low battery, and in use indicator LEDs show status at a glance
  • Delay control helps prevent false alarms when the resident momentarily moves off the sensor pad (0, 2 or 4 seconds)
  • Pause feature gives the caregiver 30 seconds to reposition the resident without activating the alarm
  • The tone button allows the caregiver to designate one of four tones for a specific resident
  • Nurse call jack allows direct notification
  • Call cord jack allows the connection of standard and specialty call cords
  • Volume can be turned off so nearby residents aren’t disturbed
  • AC adaptor option keeps batteries charged up to three years, reducing maintenance and battery replacement costs
  • Bed, chair and wall mount options
  • Strain relief helps prevent damage to the sensor pad cord
  • Durable thick plastic casing and impact-resistant rubberized edging reduces replacement/repair costs
  • Two-year warranty


  • Size: 5.3" H x 3.5" W x 1.7" D
  • Power source: 4 AA batteries (included) with AC backup (optional)

Compatible Sensor Pad Types

  • Corded pads
  • Corded timed pads
  • Cordless timed pads

Instructional Video

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BC400 Overview
Powering the Monitor
Positioning the Monitor
Using the Monitor with Nurse Call
Volume Control
Tone Selection
The Pause Function
Delay Control
The Tamper-Resistant Key Mode
Cordless Pad Setup and Use
Synchronizing a Cordless Pad
Unsynchronizing a Cordless Pad
Using a Corded Sensor
Using a Call Cord
The Low Battery Alarm
The Replace Pad Alarm
The Lost Signal Alarm
Cleaning and Care