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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

interConnect Breakaway Cables

If your bed cables and wall receptacles are being damaged, Curbell’s Breakaway Cables can help put an end to it. This unique two-piece design safely breaks apart at a point away from the wall receptacle or wall patient station, reducing cable replacement and receptacle repair costs, and most importantly, minimizing patient risk.

  • For use with Hill-Rom®, Stryker®, Carrol® and Huntleigh® beds
  • Available for most common nurse call systems
  • Various lengths are available
  • Each half can be purchased separately
  • One-year warranty

And they’re simple to use:

  1. Plug the wall end of the cable into the wall plate and tighten the thumbscrews
  2. Install the bracket to permanently mount the cable
  3. Plug the bed end of the cable into the bed junction box and tighten the thumbscrews
  4. Screw the strain relief clamp into the bed to permanently mount the cable
  5. Connect the two cables
  6. When moving the bed, disconnect the cables and place the tethered dummy plug into the wall end of the cable to prevent cord-out alarms

Standard 37-Pin Styles

Breakaway cables are available with several different plug styles for connecting to either a 37-pin receptacle or directly to a patient station. Part numbers for standard 37-pin connections are listed below.

Additional Styles

Bed-to-Nurse Call Breakaway Cables

These Breakaway Cables connect directly to a wide variety of nurse call systems. Contact your Curbell sales representative at 1-800-235-7500 for more information.

Bed Exit Breakaway Cable

This cable allows the bed half of the Breakaway Cable to be plugged directly into a Rauland Responder® 4 Patient Station and provide a separate call for the bed exit alarm. Call your Curbell sales representative for information on cables for other nurse call systems.