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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

Curbell’s Gen4 Pillow Speakers Achieve IP54 Rating

Orchard Park, NY, October 26, 2012 — Curbell Medical Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Gen4 line of pillow speakers achieved an Ingress Protection Rating of IP54 as defined by the IEC 60529 standard. This standard classifies and rates the degrees of protection provided against dust and water.
Numerous Gen4 samples without headphone or keyboard jacks were tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and were able to withstand both a dusty environment and sprayed water without adverse effect to their function. Gen4 pillow speakers are the only US pillow speakers that claim a rating of IP54.
Products rated at IP54 offer a very high level of ingress protection. The water test involves the spraying of Gen4 pillow speakers with one gallon of water per minute for 10 minutes. This is particularly important to hospitals, as pillow speakers regularly come into contact with fluids and infection control is a primary concern.
Although the IP54 rating claim for Gen4 pillow speakers is recent, most Gen4 pillow speakers manufactured since their introduction in 2009 meet the rating qualifications. If you have questions about your specific units, contact your Curbell representative.
Curbell Medical Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of Curbell, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Orchard Park, NY. Curbell Medical has been in the healthcare industry since 1960. Today, Curbell Medical is the industry’s largest supplier of replacement pillow speaker units. In addition, Curbell Medical offers numerous products for nurse call systems, patient monitoring, beds, and fall management. To learn more, please visit